Property Managers

For Property Managers-Damage Restoration is a priority when your tenants expect fast response when there is damage to their home or place of business. That’s why Cooper Construction Company is on speed-dial for so many property managers in Oregon and Washington. Since 1950, Whether water, fire, smoke or storm damage, Cooper Construction Company has been the reliable resource to manage on-site damage, debris removal, structural drying, content restoration and renovations and remodeling. We also are experienced at working directly with tenants and with insurance professionals.

Cooper Construction Testimonials

“Dear Robert and Rod: The holidays are a time to bring people together; we just did it in the middle of the night at Liberty Centre on Thanksgiving. The sprinkler pipe leak that night brought many of us together to stem the flow, mitigate damage and clean up. 

“Ashforth Pacific is extremely grateful to all the individuals and companies that responded to our call for help on this holiday night. The rapid response most certainly saved thousands of additional dollars in damage. The collective efforts of everyone working through that night and on through the weekend shows what team work is truly all about. We wish to give thanks to one and all for their willingness to give up a portion of their holiday to help us through an emergency.” Hank A. Portland, Oregon

Contact Cooper Construction for property damage restoration services:  503-232-3121

Emergency service available.