Smoke Damage Services

Smoke damage results from a fire any size, whether blazing or smoldering. Understanding how smoke penetrates structures, building materials, upholstery, and contents is critical. Smoke damage is not always evident, and if not treated quickly and properly it may cause long-term air quality issues and lingering odors in your Portland area home or business.

Step 1: Respond to Smoke Damage

  • Once a fire is extinguished, or the source of the smoke is removed, then immediate action to treat the air, interior building materials and property contents is required.
  • Place ozone machines, thermo fogging equipment and air scrubbers in the affected areas to extract as much smoke residue as possible.
  • Test hidden areas of the structure to identify any captured smoke that can linger or slowly dissipate.
  • Remove the contents and catalog each item. Items that can be restored are separated out from those that are not salvageable. Restorable items are boxed and transported to our headquarters.

Step 2: Recover

  • Establish the project scope, timeline and budget to bring the property back to pre-loss condition.
  • Work with the property owners and insurance company representatives to assess the damage and approve the action plan.
  • Assess the contents item by item to determine if smoke odors can be removed or treated.
  • Treat all contents for smoke odors then test for effective odor removal.

Step 3: Rebuild Your Portland Property

  • Remove soot from surfaces that can be cleaned and repainted.
  • Replace drywall, flooring or building materials that cannot be restored.
  • Sanitize the area and paint, decorate and restore the property and contents.

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